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My name is Alexis Cassar, although I am more commonly referred to as Lex Cassar. I am a Concept Artist with dual citizenship (Canada/USA) currently residing in Los Angeles, California. I have a wealth of production art experience, having cut my teeth in the film and television industry. I specialize in conceptual, graphic and UI design. I am also an accomplished prop/costume fabricator and talented voice actor. I can wear many hats during a production without it negatively effecting my priorities. This has left me with a diverse skill set. I mentored under David Levy, and have him to thank for a large part of my career. My experiences with project management have left me with enough knowledge and discipline that I can lead a small team of Artists effectively. 

I hope I can be of help in your next project. Thank you for your consideration. 




Artistic Skills

Concept, Graphic and UI design using a variety of 2D and 3D programs. Designing and fabrication of detailed props and costumes for film & television. Traditional media such as pencil, ink and markers. Collaborating with artists and art directors to produce the best content possible while still meeting deadlines. 

Technical Skills

Highly experienced with Adobe Photoshop. Optimization of designs for games, film and print. Comfortable with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Zbrush, Modo, Blender and SketchUp. Style guide and callout library specialist. Productive and efficient researcher. Able to record and clearly communicate a project lead's ideas within a style guide and/or other internal documents.

Acting Experience

Talented voice actor with a large library of character voices and many years of experience. Full union member of both SAG (USA) and ACTRA (Canada).


4 year Entertainment Design program at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. 2008 - 2012

Professional Experience


Responsible for my own clients, refining my time management, production pipeline and communication abilities even further. I take on freelance work between high profile projects/positions, to keep my skills honed and constantly growing stronger.


SCOOBY DOO: Reel FX/ Warner Bros. 2016 - 2017 (unreleased)
Concept, Graphic and Motion Designer


My third production under the talented David Levy. I wore many hats during this project and grew stronger for it. Oversaw and was responsible for the majority of the graphic design elements needed to populate the world of the Mystery inc. gang. Produced key frame art as well a wide variety of prop and set designs. Oversaw and was responsible for a large number of animatic sequences utilizing both Adobe After effects and Adobe illustrator. Produced various UI designs and motion design elements to populate the films various tech and monitors. To keep our production's vision unified I kept a routinely updated and detailed style guide along with an equally detailed callouts library. I worked closely with David Levy (Production Designer) and Alex Konstad (Art Director), acting as a bridge between them and the rest of the team. As David put it, I became the "swiss army knife" of the production.

12 MONKEYS (television): SyFy Channel 2013 - 2014
Concept/Set Designer


Was responsible for the conceptual design of the time machine set and its fabrication plans. Provided detailed plan views of the finalized design including measurements and possible construction materials. This allowed the set builders to easily match what had been decided on paper. The end result speaks volumes. For the amount of coverage this set received throughout the shows run, it held up to wear and tear and was dynamic enough to provide a variety of shooting opportunities. I had to find a balance between the Showrunner's vision, our budget, and trying to maintain some small design nods to the original film.

PLUG : SteamBot Studios 2011 - 2012
Production Designer / Lead Actor • Marker


Worked within a small budget and team to produce a cadre of detailed costumes, props, sets and vehicles. Portrayed the combat robot "Marker". This was my first outing under David Levy. David recognized my ability to fabricate high end product cost effectively, in a short amount of time. I did this by making large libraries of the materials we could afford, then using those elements to form the basis of the department's designs. Even as a short film, we kept the production pipeline operating at the same pace and capacity as a large-scale venture. This was an absolute passion project, with long hours and no real pay. It was the experience of overseeing a small team that allowed me to grow as both an artist and a leader. Having had experience as a suit performer and voice actor came into play as well. I was offered the role of the short's co-star "Marker" by David, and dived into the work whole heartedly. Maintaining my positive and collaborative attitude. Juggling both these positions taught me a myriad of time management skills.


PROMETHEUS : 20th Century Fox / RSA 2011
Jr. Concept Designer internship

Worked within the small concept team that consisted of David Levy, Ben Procter and Steven Messing. We were led by Production Designer legend Arthur Max. David brought me on so I could gain additional experience well I was attending Art Center College of Design. It was here that I was able to mentor under David, Ben and Steven. My creative mind was set on fire working under such industry giants on a property that I am passionate about. My techniques and my pipeline production/management skills were refined. Being very hands on in the design process for the film, I had the opportunity to work one on one with Ridley Scott while designing the concepts for the Treaded ATVs used by the Prometheus crew. My internship had a limited window, but those four months made a lasting impact on my skills and the way I approach projects.

24 : 20th Century Fox 2006
Jr. Designer

Worked personally with Production Designer Joseph Hodges in the creation of logo and set designs. Help maintain the art department's files and logistics.



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David Levy
Production Designer

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Alex Konstad
Art Director


Ruth Ammon
Production Designer

Joseph Hodges
Production Designer

Michael Chance
Burning Ideas; Director/ CEO

Ben Procter
Art Director / Production Designer

Jon Cassar
Director / Producer