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Bringing worlds and characters to life using my diverse set of skills and experience is what drives me. I was humbly raised in the television/film industry. As a result I am highly acquainted with the time and sacrifices it takes to bring a project together within a very short time. I approach projects with a efficient focus on my responsibilities and gladly go the distance in crunch time situations. Truly listening to all changes and critiques, I strive to better myself as an artist and team member. I bring a hard won creative energy and fresh perspective to your production, reinforced with a friendly and collaborative work ethic.

I look forward to being a dependable, resourceful and dedicated part of your team.

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Address650 S. Lake Ave.
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Pasadena, CA 91106
United States
Mobile phone818 297 4148
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Thank you for your interest! I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Artistic Skills

Digital art, using a variety of 2D and 3D assets. Overseeing and producing practical, detailed props and costumes for film & television. Traditional media such as pencil, ink and markers. Collaborating with artists and art directors to execute art quickly and meet deadlines.

Technical Skills

Expert in digital art with Adobe Photoshop. Optimization of designs for games, film and print. Comfortable with Zbrush, Modo, and SketchUp. Design & construction of props, costumes & sets.

Acting Experience

Talented voice actor with a large library of character voices and many years of experience. Full union member of both SAG (USA) and ACTRA (Canada).


4 year Entertainment Design program at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. 2008 - 2012

Professional Experience

Concept designer

Responsible for my own cliental, refining my time management, production pipeline and communication abilities even further. I take on freelance work between high profile projects/positions, to keep my skills honed and constantly growing stronger.

12 MONKEYS (television): SyFy Channel 2013 - Present
Concept/Set Designer

Responsible for the designs of the time machine set. Delivering detailed plan view designs as well as full color painted composites in very short turn around times.

FORSAKEN: Forsaken Productions 2013

Rode horseback while handling firearms. Learnt how to properly trick spin revolvers in many different ways for the role. Became more familiar with western character traits, dress and culture.

PROMETHEUS : 20th Century Fox / RSA 2011
art department intern

Worked personally with Ridley Scott in the development of the treaded quads the crew use to explore the planet. Managed and organized the department’s large library of art assets.

PLUG : SteamBot Studios 2010 - 2011
Production Designer / Lead Actor • Marker

Worked within a small budget to produce a cadre of detailed far future, post apocalyptic, costumes, props sets and vehicles for the proof of concept film of David Levy’s sci-fi opus. Portrayed the combat robot Marker in both the suit and voice acting.

PROJECT ARBITER : Burning Ideas 2010
Lead Actor • Joeseph Colburn (the Arbiter)

Worked with a small team of highly dedicated, professionals to bring a 20 minute proof of concept film to life. Portrayed the lead role of Joeseph Colburn (The Arbiter) in the flesh and in the suit.

24 : 20th Century Fox 2008
Supporting Actor Regular • Agent Ryan

Portrayed Agent Ryan, a small reoccurring role as a young leader of one of CTU’s tactical teams. Shared scenes with Keifer Sutherland and John Noble.

click here for my full list of acting credits

24 : 20th Century Fox 2006
Art Department Junior Designer

Worked personally with Production Designer Joseph Hodges in the creation of logo and set designs. Help maintain the art department's files and logistics.


Ruth Ammon
Production Designer
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David Levy
Art Director
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Joseph Hodges
Production Designer
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Michael Chance
Burning Ideas; Director/ CEO
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Ben Procter
Art Director / Production Designer

Jon Cassar
Director / Producer
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